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The Benefits of Consigning with The Kids Closet Sale...

There are a lot of great benefits of consigning with The Kids Closet Sale...

Money: While consigning with The Kids Closet Sale, you can make up to half, and in
some cases even more, of the cost you had paid for your items in new condition from the store.

Pre-Sale Shopping: As a consignor with The Kids Closet Sale, you will receive a pass to
the Private Pre-sale. The Private Pre-sale is held one day earlier than the public sale, and it is
open to you as a thank you for your participation in the event where you are able to get first dibs

Donations: Unsold items don’t go to waste! As an optional choice, we have selected a few
charities to receive the unsold items after the sale is complete. This option is available to you
but is not mandatory. You are welcomed to take your unsold items home with you after each
event, but if you would rather not, than we make it our personal responsibility that all items
marked DONATE will go to a local charity.

Fun, Fun, and More Fun: During the three-day event (which is actually closer to a
week, including set up and tear down), we invite you to come and volunteer with us, join our
family and have some fun! You can meet new friends or reunite with old ones. Volunteering during
those four (4) hours will be the fastest four (4) hours of your life, and we will have lots of laughs
and good times! We’ve even heard some say that it is addicting!

Getting started is easy, and here are some of the things that you will need...

  • Gently used or new children’s items (minimum of 15 items).

  • A computer with Internet access.

  • A printer to print out your tags for the items you will be selling.

  • Hangers (Preferably non-coated wire hangers, but plastic will do for now.
    There are many FREE resources for hangers)

  • Safety pins. For hanging clothing on hangers and securing tags to clothing.

  • Clear packing tape. (Has many uses! One use: secure tag to plastic toy items, etc.)

  • Ziplock bags for keeping toys and items with loose pieces together.

  • Masking tape. (You will want to put a piece of masking tape with your Consignor # and the
    Item # somewhere on the item in case the tag gets pulled off of the item.)

  • Colorful ribbon or tape. (Tie a piece of ribbon or colored tape on your items, so that when you
    come to pick up your items, they are easily identified by you to make pickup quick and easy.)

  • White card stock for your tags. (Must be WHITE, and you CANNOT use regular paper. Card
    stock is a thicker paper that will be less likely to fall off of items during our event.)

  • Batteries. (Everything that takes batteries will need to have working batteries, so they can be
    tested during check-in to ensure proper working condition. These can be purchased at the
    Dollar Tree for only $1.00!)

  • Cleaning supplies. (Shout, magic erasers, bleach, etc.) All items MUST be clean when
    dropped off. The cleaner and more new looking they are, the better they will sell!

  • Rubbermaid totes or boxes. (You will want to transport your items to and from the sale in
    totes or boxes.)
Want a handy, step-by-step guide with everything that you need to know about consigning with The Kids Closet Sale? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Go to the Consignor Corner on the top left of this page or click on the buttons below.

*** Deadline to register is Sunday, March 11th at 12 Noon!
(Note: You will be able to print out tags after the deadline.)

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Barbara's thoughts about The Kids Closet Sale
“The event is so organized & the advertising is phenomenal...”
Barbara Testimonial "As a third time consignor, I found this to be an easy and
fun way to clean out closets & get money for other things.
This event is so organized, & the advertising is phenomenal!
And if you need help, the girls are always easily reachable!"


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